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Re: Managing the notebook list


> I have been thinking about this a bit and it seems to me that it would be
> good if zim searches for notebooks in certain standard locations. So there
> would be a configurable search path, by default something like "~/Notes" and
> "~/" and any notebooks found (identified by the presence of a "notebook.zim"
> file) would be shown in the list. The search would only be one level deep,
> so no recursive searches.

So long as the path were configurable (to prevent long startup delays
and access to places that I would rather Zim not access) then this
sounds like a great idea. It would ensure data integrity as the ascii
file really is duplication of data.

> In addition there could be a "bookmark" list of notebooks in other locations
> for those users that have notebooks all over the place.

Nice idea. How many people use Zim this way? Maybe we need an informal survey?

> In addition we could clean up the notebook dialog a bit by making it open
> notebooks on single click and have a seperate "manager" dialog to modify the
> list.

Yes, please!

> The "New notebook" dialog would assume the first directory in the path
> ("~/Notes" by default) unless you specify something else explicitly.

It is important that this be configurable, most certainly.

Dotan Cohen