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Re: 1:1 vs. piped links


--- On Sun, 11/22/09, Beni Cherniavsky <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Beni Cherniavsky <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sorry, not following.  Toggle which
> functionality?  Autolinking on/off?  Editing changes
> link/label?  Something else?

AutoLinking ... 

> Edit -> Preferences -> Editing
> -> "Autolink CamelCase" checkbox!
> It's there in both perl zim and pyzim.
> Or do you mean make it accessible from toolbar &
> keystroke so that you can change it frequenly?

The tool bar button is what I was referring to - you make an excellent point, below, regarding the "Undo" functionality - I think that is the solution I'm wishing for...

> I would also Like the color coding of broken links tha was
> suggested, since my common workflow is - type in the literal
> links (this would be with the option mentioned above turned
> "on"), then make another pass through the text
> creating and editing links.
> Most wikis have some kind of coding for
> broken links.  Anybody sees a reason we shouldn't
> follow?

I like the "Create a new page" functionality when a "broken" link is clicked - some visual cues as to which links are good and which not would be nice.

> M$ Office AutoCorrect/AutoFormat
> leverages Undo for similar functionality: the
> autolinking/autoformating is added to the undo list as a
> separate action from the typing, so that you can just type
> and press Ctrl+Z to supress the autothings when your
> don't want them.
> Currently in zim they are fused: FooBar<SPACE> turns
> it into a link when you add the <SPACE>; Ctrl+Z
> removes the link but also the <SPACE>; pressing
> <SPACE> again to continue typing restores the link.
> So maybe we want to adopt the separately-undoable
> autolinking model?

I like this - in fact, I already use that (the format and/or markup going into the undo buffer separately from the text) other editors

> It doesn't solve other questions but it does give a
> one-press way to decide autolinking case-by-case.

I like it better than e.g. a context menu or drop-down - reaching for the mouse is problematic enough of the time to make me prefer an interface that can be completely controlled by the keyboard...

> -- 
> Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


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