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Re: 1:1 vs. piped links


> I think it should be a switch - a button on the toolbar that toggles the
> functionality on and off like the "read-only" toggle.   There should be a
> keystroke for it, too, of course.
> Sorry, not following.  Toggle which functionality?  Autolinking on/off?
Editing changes link/label?  Something else?

> I'm finding that I'm spending a lot of time going back and removing
> GUI-generated links (in Zim) - more time doing that, in fact, than I would
> "manually" entering links to begin with.
> What I would like to have (to do, perhaps) with the Zim GUI is what was
> suggested regarding a checkbox or radio button that will turn the
> auto-linking associated with CaML case on/off.
> I am working mostly with software development documentation and notes -
> /everything/ is CaML case - I don't mind having to hit ^L to make some text
> into a link.
> Edit -> Preferences -> Editing -> "Autolink CamelCase" checkbox!
It's there in both perl zim and pyzim.
Or do you mean make it accessible from toolbar & keystroke so that you can
change it frequenly?

> I would also Like the color coding of broken links tha was suggested, since
> my common workflow is - type in the literal links (this would be with the
> option mentioned above turned "on"), then make another pass through the text
> creating and editing links.
> Most wikis have some kind of coding for broken links.  Anybody sees a
reason we shouldn't follow?

> In addition to those points, I will add that in most cases the link
> generation in Zim is find - I like being able to type e.g. Glossary:TCP and
> get a link that - when I click it will create a page in the Glossary that I
> can fill in.   I just need to be able to disable that functionality to keep
> e.g. spurious links from being generated when I want to use the literal
> page-name string instead of the link - if I "format" the string (e.g. as
> "literal", "bold", "italic" or whatever - that helps, but formatting is
> often lost, and the links re-generated.  Probably this is different topic,
> though.
> M$ Office AutoCorrect/AutoFormat leverages Undo for similar functionality:
the autolinking/autoformating is added to the undo list as a separate action
from the typing, so that you can just type and press Ctrl+Z to supress the
autothings when your don't want them.

Currently in zim they are fused: FooBar<SPACE> turns it into a link when you
add the <SPACE>; Ctrl+Z removes the link but also the <SPACE>; pressing
<SPACE> again to continue typing restores the link.

So maybe we want to adopt the separately-undoable autolinking model?
It doesn't solve other questions but it does give a one-press way to decide
autolinking case-by-case.

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin <cben@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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