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Re: Separated window


> • A new "Tabs" menu would be introduced that would have "New" and "Close"
> options, and below those a list of the open Tabs.
> • The "New" item would open a new tab (changing the view of the pathbar to
> Tabs if necessary), with a copy of the current document.
> • The Close item would close the current Tab.
> • Selecting from the list would switch to that Tab.
> • Tabs would have the document title in them.
> • Each tab should have it's own close button.
> • Clicking mouse button 3 on an internal link would open the target document
> in a new tab.
> • Clicking mouse button 3 on any non-internal link would just perform the
> default action for that link.
> • Clicking mouse button 3 on a document in the index should open a new tab.
> • Clicking mouse button 1 on Home / Back / Forward, etc should act in the
> current tab.
> • Clicking mouse button 1 on an entry in the index should act in the current
> tab.
> • Viewing a  document in multiple tabs should be allowed.
> • Each tab should maintain it's own view / location state.
> • Editing a document in one tab should be reflected in the other tab(s), but
> the view state should be retained.
> • It would be nice (but not necessary) if the open tabs / location state /
> etc. could be saved and restored between sessions (ie, when a window is
> closed & when Zim is Quit).
> I know originally I stated a split view would be better, but honestly, I
> could work with a tabbed interface without issues, and I think it would be
> more consistent with the current user experience / expectations.
> Sorry, I'm not an artist, so I can't draw a picture for you. ;)

I agree with everything written here. I'm whip up  mockup and post it.
Should George open a bug for this?

> BTW - this message was written in Zim. ;)

What is the advantage to writing email in Zim?

Dotan Cohen


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