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Re: Separated window


No, the pathbar isn't the same...it's a path or a history, not *specific*
documents that you want open.

The only way to get the kind of ability I want is to have the Index open,
but I don't really want that much screen used, nor do I want to navigate a
whole outline to switch between documents.

I was on-board with a multiple pane / window idea at first, but switched
when I thought about what I really needed was just the ability to have a few
specific files open and switch between them directly without having to do
some major navigation.

However, these ideas don't overlap with each other...both are useful in
different ways at different times.  The one place we do disagree, however,
is multiple windows versus a multiple document split view...  IMO - I try to
fight window clutter, so keeping the documents in a single window tends to
be best in my opinion...

At this point, however, I think Jaap probably wants to look at just getting
multiple documents open at the same time...so whatever interface he wants to
work on first should be his decision.  Once the internals are there, we can
hash out the interface portion.


2009/12/23 노정태 <basil83@xxxxxxxxx>

> George, I think the path bar works as tabs. You can click on it to show the
> page, and navigate pages using same shortcuts with nautilus. Ex) Alt+Left,
> Alt+Right, etc. I prefer the path bar than tabs.
> Separatable windows are differnent things. You can place many pieces at
> your desktop, as you can do same work with some index cards at your actual
> desktop. It could be nice, maybe.
> The point is whether we can see many pieces at the glance. I hope we can
> do.
> Regards,
> JT.
> ps. I sent this message to Jaap. It was mistake.
> 2009/12/23 George De Bruin <sndchaser@xxxxxxxxx>
> A similar thought / request occurred to me recently.  I was working on an
>> article which referenced a previous article, and I needed a way to reference
>> the old article while writing the new one.  Really wished for a way to open
>> both simultaneously.
>> Personally, I was kind of wishing for a "split window" so I could have the
>> two documents opened in the same window to avoid window clutter...but that
>> was just my first thought, and based on the fact that I like to use screen
>> for running multiple terminal apps in a single window. :)
>> George
>> On Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 12:47 AM, 노정태 <basil83@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> HI everyone.
>>> I'm using Zim for a month. I'm very happy with it's good features. So I
>>> want to use it as the alternative of Tomboy.
>>> But there is a problem. I can't open a page as a separated window. So I
>>> can't see 2 or 3 scraps at one time.
>>> Can anybody know how to open a page as a separated window?
>>> Regards,
>>> JT.
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