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Re: Zim 0.42 released !


Hi Jaap, hi all.

First, thanks a lot for this release Jaap. Very good work.

Not much time to do deep tests but here's first impressions :

1. Problem with localisation.

After installing zim 0.42 (./setup.py install), the gui is in English,
not in French. The files are there (/usr/local/share/locale/*). Maybe
wrong Environment variables. I will investigate that later but a quick
check shows nothing wrong (i have

The gui is perfectly translated if i run zim from source, i.e:

./setup.py build_trans

2. The task list dialog doesn't pop up.

When i click on the task list button, nothing happens. Here's the Debug
traces (running zim from source, i.e ./zim.py -D) :

DEBUG: Action: show_task_list

... [Traces about indexing pages]

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim/zim/plugins/tasklist.py", line
74, in show_task_list
    dialog = TaskListDialog.unique(self, plugin=self)
  File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim/zim/gui/widgets.py", line 426, in
    dialog = klass(*args, **opts)
  File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim/zim/plugins/tasklist.py", line
134, in __init__
  File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim/zim/plugins/tasklist.py", line
128, in set_statistics
    total, stats = task_list.get_statistics()
  File "/media/stockage/apps/src/pyzim/zim/plugins/tasklist.py", line
309, in get_statistics
    highest = max(self.prio.keys())
ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence

Maybe this is a valid behavior as the notebook has no tasks (there's is
"old fashioned" tasks, marked as "TODO" or "FIXME", but i read in the
doc that this has not been ported in the python version yet).

If i put some tasks the new way, with checkboxes, everything's fine, but
maybe the task list dialog could pop up, with an empty list, even when
there's is non tasks in the notebook.

Again, thank's a lot for the work Jaap. It's a real pleasure to work
with zim and i hope i will be able to produce (time, time, time) a
couple of plugins in the weeks to come.

Bravo !


Rui Nibau <ruinibau@xxxxxxxx>
Développeur web, rédacteur scientifique