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Handling of underscores in page titles


how do I solve the following problem:
I want to create a page called "Document ver_info register", but this
show up as "Document ver info register" in the Page sidebar. In the
current style for Page titles, they are underlined, so I don't see it
there, but if I pull in a link to the page by dragging and dropping
from the side bar, the wanted underscore is missing.

I guess it is difficult to persuade zim to accept underscore as space
in some places and underscore as underscore in other places. It does
somehow look strange to me when a link is divided in the middle by a
physical space. That make it look like two links next to each other. A
matter of personal taste, I think. After working years with wikis
replacing spaces with underscores, it is kind of hard to adapt to the
other way around. Specially when the underscore is really a part of
the symbol I want to write.


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