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Re: Two sort of bugs, or feature requests


On 12 March 2010 10:21, Roberto Suarez Soto <robe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>        I didn't know if they were worth of reporting as bugs or wishlist, so
> I write them here for all to comment.
>        I like a lot the feature of opening several windows with different
> articles, but (unless I'm missing something) they are read-only. Would it be
> possible to have several editing windows at once?

When I open several Window of Zim (different notebooks, all from the
Tray Icon), they are all read-write. Are you maybe opening other
instances of Zim all in the same notebook?

>        And something that could be very subjective: is it just me, or the
> Python version of Zim is slower than the Perl one? I've noticed that the
> delay since I click on the systray icon and the window appears is longer than
> before, but I'm not sure if I'm guilty for having too much stuff loaded at
> once :-)

I have not noticed a speed different between the two. I'm on a 2.0 GHz
machine, 2 GB RAM.

Dotan Cohen


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