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Re: Two sort of bugs, or feature requests


On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 9:21 AM, Roberto Suarez Soto <robe@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>        I didn't know if they were worth of reporting as bugs or wishlist, so
> I write them here for all to comment.
>        I like a lot the feature of opening several windows with different
> articles, but (unless I'm missing something) they are read-only. Would it be
> possible to have several editing windows at once?

The feature to open pages in a separate window was a quick hack. I
made them read-only because that would allow showing the page without
integrating these windows with the rest of the application properly.

Implementing this more systematically is still on my todo list.
Tracker issue is here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/306256

>        And something that could be very subjective: is it just me, or the
> Python version of Zim is slower than the Perl one? I've noticed that the
> delay since I click on the systray icon and the window appears is longer than
> before, but I'm not sure if I'm guilty for having too much stuff loaded at
> once :-)

Depends. I still have some work to do to make the python version look
smoother. Most critical is time taken to save the state config file
and the time taken by versioning commands - both of which I will try
to move to the background. General startup time on the other hand
should be similar.

What situation do you exactly see some lag? You write you click on the
tray icon, so zim is already running. But are you opening a new
notebook, or one that is already open and hiding? Another piece of
information would be if you use the version control plugin or not.

Just getting the notebook back out of hiding should take no time at
all (unless you are running out of memory). But starting a new
notebook takes some time to load various files end to execute some
checks on the version control.

>        Other than that, I really like the new embedded calendar. I've been
> using it only for a couple days and I already can't live without it. Great
> job :-)