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Re: zim for maemo (N800-N810-N900 Nokia devices)


On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:38 PM, Miguel Angel Alvarez
<maacruz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> El Miércoles 17 Marzo 2010, Jaap Karssenberg escribió:
>> Btw. I see fro mthe discussion on talk.maemo that zim does not yet
>> open files with the correct applications on maemo. What is the
>> limitation here ? My guess would be that for any platform there is
>> some generic filemanager command to open open a file or folder.
>> Configuring this command should make things work. Or do you need some
>> library for this on maemo?
> Nothing that easy. There is an incredibly wonky non-standard system based on
> dbus.
> See this thread if you feel curious:
> http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=15194&highlight=dbus+open+mime
> But today, I just got lucky and found a small command line program attached in
> a bug report somewhere in maemo bugzilla just for this, that could be
> distributed in the maemo deb package.
> So, I could open any file with
> hildon-mime-summon <file.ext> <optional-mimetype>
> Now, I just need to understand how zim open files and put the command there.

If you configure this command as the file manager application in zim
it will fall back to that command to open files and folders. External
applications to use as file manager are configured with .desktop
files, have a look at the desktop file for xdg-open in the sources.
When setting defaults zim tries to determine which command is
available and use it.



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