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Re: cherrytree


On Tue, 2010-05-11 at 19:53 +0200, Pablo Angulo wrote:
> I found an application similar to zim: did you know cherrytree?
> http://open.vitaminap.it/en/cherrytree.htm

I have installed cherrytree, for a test run.
It does not come close to Zim in term of the options

- Saved notebooks have a .ctd extension (what's that? is it a Cardtable
- No text files (I don't know what CT uses as database, but it is
outside the /home directory), not easily sync using Ubuntu one
- Single notebook (at the moment)
- Limited style formatting (h1/h2)
- No Print to browser function
- No mailing list, forum, help file
- Too much personalization in my taste (the cherry icons look funny).
- No Verbatim (text block) style

On the other hand it has some strong text features missing in Zim:

- AUTOMATIC SYNTAX HIGHLIGHTING & Text tabulation & show line numbers
(writing code snippet is a breeze)
- Styles association (bold + italique, etc.)
- Text-align:left | center | right
- Table (quite elegant GUI table implementation)
- Print to PDF, PF, SVF
- Numbered list
- Color background text
- Color foreground text

I am asking the same question as Pablo -- all technical or personal
considerations aside -- since Zim/Cherrytree are both writing in python,
can't each other get what's missing from the other?

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