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Zim Windows installer ready for release 0.48


Hi Jaap,

Sorry I fell off the radar this past month! Remember bug #590531 "0.47
release breaks build_win32.py", and how I told you to hold off on the merge
until we figure out what caused the breakage?

Merge it. I sent you
https://code.launchpad.net/~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer/+merge/30225 via
Launchpad, which is a handful of changes to build_win32.py. (Probably
exactly the same changes as comment #1 on the bug record.) build_win32.py
includes some method calls to copy missing files and folders belonging to
GTK into the pyzim/Windows BUILD folder because py2exe misses them. In June,
I needed to change the method calls in the build script to "copy and update"
and "create folder if not exist". A change to the main build script must
have begun including part of but not all of these missing files.

I tested trunk and I tested my version and the proposed merge gets the job

Once you commit and tag version 0.48 with all updated translations etc. this
week, I'll build 0.48 for Windows and publish.

Anyone who can't wait, checkout lp:~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer and
follow the build instructions, or email me.

Brendan Kidwell

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