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Re: Using Zim within Dropbox or Ubuntu One


On Tue, Jul 27, 2010 at 8:29 AM, Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have put a zim notebook under a Dropbox directory. Unfortunately this
> also includes the ".zim" directory containing files that are rewritten
> very often and that I would prefer to not have synced needlessly hundreds
> of times every day.
> Is there a way to tell Zim that this directory is somewhere else
> outside of the Dropbox directory?
> Ideally it should be able to use ".cache/zim/notebook-home_rhertzog_Dropbox_Notes/"
> like it already does for read-only directories AFAIU.
> It would be good to document this in the manual.

In zim 0.2x the "slow fs" option was intended to do that. Need to fix
that option for zim 0.4x and will rename it to something like "remote
notebook" or "shared notebook".

> Another nice idea would be a plugin detecting file conflits of
> Dropbox/Ubuntu One and allowing to deal with them. (Both just create a
> supplementary file with a special name with the conflicted version)

Sure - there is even a E50,- bounty open for adding a conflict
resolution mechanism to zim. (And considering to raise that, as we get
in more donations and no bounties have been claimed so far...)
Bounties are here: http://zim-wiki.org/contribute.html
dev notes here:

First step is probably to document the file naming scheme used by
Dropbox/Ubuntu One for conflicts and see if we can support both at
once, or need some option to switch schemes.



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