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Fedora YUM package request


Jaap, could consider creating a YUM package (.rpm) for Fedora in
addition of the all .DEB on your download page? The fedora ZIM package
is still the perl version 0.29 in the official repo.

I am currently using the .tar.gz version (0.48) + $ ./setup.py install.
It works fine. But I do know what to do when 0.49 is available.

a. remove 0.48 before installing 0.49?


b. simply decompress 0.49 and run again $ ./setup.py install (it will
update 0.48 to 0.49)?

A YUM package would make things easier.

Personal side note: I have (temporarily?) moved to Fedora after
encountering serval bugs well documented on Ubuntu 10.04 (i855 GPU
bug/Computer does not shut down bug/etc.) on my different hardware. The
overall Fedora experienced is good, and none of the bugs present on
Ubuntu are affecting my systems. In addition, the Fedora 13 is very
polished and a lot less eye candy than Ubuntu 10.04. Not too mention the
live CD installs lesser crap--for my taste--than the Ubutnu CD (go-OOo,
Mono, F-spot, games, etc.)