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Re: new plugin: fileview


I put a new version in the wiki and maybe will update the page from time
to time.
I removed some of the rough edges and made some new.
If you also like it rough go here:
It now generates thumbs in the backgrund and shares it with other
application (see freedesktop.org thumbnail spec) 
Dont forget to delete the old fileview.py and fileview.pyc.

Am Mittwoch, den 07.07.2010, 15:58 +0200 schrieb Svenn Are Bjerkem:
> Jaap,
> I use this plugin on a daily base and the only rough edges I see is
> the lack of resizing the window.
> Why not put it in trunk to boost development? There are other plugins
> which have had rougher edges over the time than this, and still they
> were allowed in trunk.
> This plugin is extremely useful for us users who store additional data
> in the zim tree, the previews are just fantastic help to find
> referenced material by visual inspection.
> I give this plugin a thumb up for trunk.

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