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Re: newbie here: info request (for import)


 On 09/17/2010 05:31 PM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
On Fri, Sep 17, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Alessandro Magni<magni@xxxxxxxx>  wrote:
  sorry if it's the wrong place to ask:

I just discovered this wiki and find it very promising for what I'd like to
do - a simple way to manage my workplace.

My problem - and I'd like to know if Zim can solve it - is to take my
workplace, i.e. my work directory structure, and in some way import into the
wiki, in such a way that for each folder in my directory structure I would
have a Zim node.
I really cannot do it manually, since my folder structure is a child of many
years of work, and the current output of: find /0ale/ -type d | wc gives me
11875 folders :-)
As you mention zim uses plain text files for the pages. However there
is a header of a few lines on the top of each file. You can do two

1) Just put all text files in a folder and open that folder as a zim notebook.

Zim will miss config files and prompt you to update the notebook.
Doing so will add headers to all text files. The disadvantage is that
for such a large structure this may take a long time and maybe not so
easy to check progress.

2) First create an empty notebook and than add files using a small
script to add the headers.

Advantage is that you control the process. Disadvantage is that you
need to do a bit hacking yourself.

Couple of notes that may apply for both cases:
* To avoid waiting a long time for the index to build you can run "zim
--index /path" in the terminal to rebuild a sane index of all files.
* Any character sequences in your files that conflict with the zim
wiki syntax may have unforseen results

Of course it is wise to have backups when you try this, I would also
advise to put the zim notebook under version control before importing
the data, so it is easier to track and rollback small errors.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your help!

I want to ask a further question, though I fear the answer will be no:
since the files we are mentioning should be one related to each folder, my ideal situation would be to have one of those positioned at each folder. I fear for now Zim keeps them instead positioned in one unique root folder - there is some workaround possible? Though Python is not my language of choice, I could try to put some code together if it is possible at all...

Anyway - after giving me a crash course on python during the weekend I feel rather confident I can work on it.

I really think that if I could develop some kind of engine, it could benefit also the Zim project: what do you think? To recap my problem, having a large directory structure where I store all my work / personal projects / ideas / ... I'd like to organize all this, NOT by building some kind of network/wiki manually,slowly copying all my folder structure (really, it's thousands of folders, and they're already well organized), but in some way pointing the program to the root of my folder structure and letting it create a wiki structure isomorph to it, with a node at each folder - and links to children nodes (and possibly also to parents). I could edit each node whenever necessary to describe its content, writing down whatever I want. Most important, with some kind of cron job new nodes would automatically created/deleted with any structure change to my folders...

This would create a kind of Document management system. All the DMSs I surveyed in recent days are mostly targeted to large, networked enterprises. Instead, there is nothing available for single users like me with a single machine overloaded with a large amount of data.

any input is welcome...



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