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Re: newbie here: info request (for import)


On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Alessandro Magni <magni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thank you for your help!
> I want to ask a further question, though I fear the answer will be no:
> since the files we are mentioning should be one related to each folder, my
> ideal situation would be to have one of those positioned at each folder.
> I fear for now Zim keeps them instead positioned in one unique root folder -
> there is some workaround possible?

I don't think I understand the question. Zim uses a hierarchical
folder structure, with sub-pages located in sub-folders. Of course all
pages should be part of the same hierarchy, so in that sense there is
an unique root folder.

Maybe the easiest way for you is to manually create a small test
notebook and check the folder structure that zim creates.

> Though Python is not my language of choice, I could try to put some code
> together if it is possible at all...

No need to use python unless you want to implement something as a
plugin. Zim allows you to define external "tools" which can be any
executable or script -- probably the cron job you talk about below
could be such a tool that can be triggered from zim.

> Anyway - after giving me a crash course on python during the weekend I feel
> rather confident I can work on it.
> I really think that if I could develop some kind of engine, it could benefit
> also the Zim project: what do you think?
> To recap my problem, having a large directory structure where I store all my
> work / personal projects / ideas / ... I'd like to organize all this, NOT by
> building some kind of network/wiki manually,slowly copying all my folder
> structure (really, it's thousands of folders, and they're already well
> organized),
> but in some way pointing the program to the root of my folder structure and
> letting it create a wiki structure isomorph to it, with a node at each
> folder - and links to children nodes (and possibly also to parents). I could
> edit each node whenever necessary to describe its content, writing down
> whatever I want.
> Most important, with some kind of cron job new nodes would automatically
> created/deleted with any structure change to my folders...
> This would create a kind of Document management system. All the DMSs I
> surveyed in recent days are mostly targeted to large, networked enterprises.
> Instead, there is nothing available for single users like me with a single
> machine overloaded with a large amount of data.
> any input is welcome...

All in all I think it will not be very difficult. Just create a small
notebook to play around with and decide the layout you want / need.
Than take your language of choice to build this structure as a
hierarchy of text files.



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