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Re: Tags & Todo


On 21/10/10 20:37, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> Yes this is how it is planned. (Using "@" since "#" is reserved for
> future use with anchors.)
Good, that's what I've thought/done. :)

I've made some progress today with tag support. It is now at a state
where the very brave among you could try and checkout my branch. Please
note that this is far from complete although a good part of basic
functionality is there. This might experience major changes and I don't
give guarantees on the stability of the current database layout, so
please don't use this on your production notebooks!

There are a few questions that came up on which I would like to ask for
your support (some of them are rather long-term planning):

1) If a page is selected, what should happen to selections in the tag
tree? Should all entries of the selected page be selected (is multiple
selections even possible - I don't know yet)?

2) Drag'n'drop on tags should insert the tag on the dragged page (at the
beginning or end?). If the page is dropped upon a page in the tag tree,
should it be moved to be a sub-page of that page?

3) Should there be drag'n'drop of tags? e.g. to merge tags, adding the
dropped-to tag to all pages that have the dragged tag.

4) I guess it would be desirable to have a possibility to delete all
occurences of a tag e.g. by right click-delete on the tag in the tree view?

5) @Jaap: What did you mean by "just use tabs" in the tags TODO list?

Thanks for reading! Cheers,

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