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Re: Tags & Todo


On Sun, Oct 31, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Fabian Moser <e-mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There are a few questions that came up on which I would like to ask for
> your support (some of them are rather long-term planning):
> 1) If a page is selected, what should happen to selections in the tag
> tree? Should all entries of the selected page be selected (is multiple
> selections even possible - I don't know yet)?

Don't know if it is useful to select the tags, but multiple selection
is certainly possible in the treeview widget. Depends on the "mode" of
the widget, most of the lists in zim use the "browse" mode which is
limited to single selection but there are other modes available.

> 2) Drag'n'drop on tags should insert the tag on the dragged page (at the
> beginning or end?). If the page is dropped upon a page in the tag tree,
> should it be moved to be a sub-page of that page?

You could do the same as with dragging links, so insert the link in
the text at the place where it is dragged.

> 3) Should there be drag'n'drop of tags? e.g. to merge tags, adding the
> dropped-to tag to all pages that have the dragged tag.

Functionality to merge tags might be useful, but maybe safer to make
this a special function in a menu or context menu. Drag n drop should
only be used for actions that are reversible in case of an accidental
drop. Merging doesn't sound like you can easily separate the groups

> 4) I guess it would be desirable to have a possibility to delete all
> occurences of a tag e.g. by right click-delete on the tag in the tree view?

Menu item or context menu seems the right for this as well.

> 5) @Jaap: What did you mean by "just use tabs" in the tags TODO list?

In order to switch between the normal index view and the tag index
view we need a way to switch in the side pane. I meant that we can
just use the gtk.Notebook widget at first so you get two tabs in the
side pane, one with the normal index and one with the tag index.

Reason for the comment is that mockups I made (on paper, so not in the
wiki) have a nice button with a dropdown as have other gnome
applications for this kind of side pane (see e.g. the evince pdf
reader). But that button has to be a custom widget, so it requires a
bit of additional work. Also we need to make a framework for adding
more views to the side pane, so plugins can easily hook into it as
well. But I can take care of that part.



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