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Re: softnote2005 to zim


(Sending again... I'm ALWAYS forgetting to reply-to-all and include the
mailing list address!)

I think you mean to say that when you paste from the clipboard, the rich
text formatting from SoftNote2005 is lost. This is normal behavior.
Unfortunately at this time, Zim doesn't have any capability to read "rich
text" from the clipboard and convert it to Zim format.

Your best bet is to go over the page and look for errors after pasting it.
If you have the skills, you could try your hand at writing a filter to
convert SoftNote2005's data file format to Zim's.

Brendan Kidwell

On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 5:20 AM, Pascal Legrand <
Pascal.Legrand@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> i'd like to import data from a windows soft called "softnote2005"
> (
> http://softchris.free.fr/ZenAlbum/index.php?view=articles&rubriquearticle=1&article=6
> )
> to zim.
> The only way i found is to copy paste each note from softnote2005 to zim.
> My problem is that some characters are bold or underligned. Is there a way
> to
> keep bold and underligned during copy / paste ?

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