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Re: Bounty for Tables Implementation


I use it for both, but more presentation. Well, perhaps, rather than
presentation, it would be better to say that I use them for displaying
tabular information, because I don't use it for layout or prettiness,
I use it for clarity.

Merge-able cells would be very nice as would formatting inside of
cells. As for hard data and sorting and all of that, I would probably
just attach a spreadsheet for that kind of thing. We have to be
careful with Zim, it is a note taking application, not the be all and
end all of knowledge storage. I suppose my thoughts are, leave the
large data tables and all that they bring for specialist programmes
and focus on tables that can be used to represent sensible sized
amounts of information.

Examples For Zim:
* verb conjugation tables
* a set of 10 specific heat capacities
* a small address book

Examples Not For Zim:
* a set of specific heat capacities for all know oxides
* a large company's telephone directory

All just in my opinion of course. I just think we should think of Zim
for the storage of knowledge and information rather than hard data.