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Zim as a distraction free editor


Hi guys,

I try to use Zim as a distraction free editor[1] but stil not satisfied. There are too many things I have to do:

1. Hit F11
2. Hit F9
3. Searching how to hide menubar (failed)
4. Try to write something... but

- A huge white space on my 24" display. Neverending lines.
- No way to change (invert?) colors
- Tiny font. No way to increase font size

How to change it? I suppose there is a smart solution and I suggest to design one-key switch to distraction free mode. When I press the hotkey

+ side panel, menubar, toolbar and status bar disappear
+ there'll be some borders, i.e. 20% - 60% - 20% (left - canvas - right)
+ colors change (dark background)

It's an idea, I know about some colors issues and nothing about borders (margins).

(Would it be possible to make a magnifier slider? Increase and decrease font size with Ctrl+ and Ctrl-)

What do you think about it?


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distraction-free_editor


Vlastimil Ott
Twitter: @vlastimilott

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