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hi people,
it is a bit of time since I'm thinking about trying to write some simple plugin - to start with, I wanted to try with an <insert GNUplot plot>, since I prefer GNUplot in place of R. I read in the manual to check the HACKING directory, and I tried to follow the code in gnu_r_ploteditor.py to take it as example. I don't know if it is me, but I probably lack a good understanding of the basics. I have in gnuplot_ploteditor.py three classes (InsertGNUPlotPlugin, InsertPlotDialog, PlotGenerator), I have a template _gnuplot.gnu in place, and I have basically changed gnu_r_ploteditor.py as less as possible, just to call gnuplot instead of R. In Zim I have now a Insert->GNUplot option, which calls up an insert window. But any code I use inside it returns a "Looks like you found a bug" window, telling me "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'basename' "

Of course you have better things to do than lead me by the hand thru Python development, but - since the HACKING folder is a bit lacking - could you tell me exactly what is expected from a zim plugin, in terms of defined classes etc?
Also, what you do suggest as tricks to debug it?

Thank you!



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