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Re: Zim as a distraction free editor


2011/2/8 Roberto Suarez Soto <robe@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>        If you want a distraction free editor, try PyRoom
> (http://www.pyroom.org/) or RubyRoom (http://rubyroom.rubyforge.org/). There
> are some more, but these are the first to appear in Google.

Should be easy to configure a custom tool that will start pyroom with
the source of the current page. May not be perfect, but you can use it
right away.

Alternative is to re-implement most of pyroom as a zim plugin. Main
advantage is that you get formatting, but you also get links, which
may be distracting in itself ;) Anyway this requires some work but is
entirely doable if someone wants to put in the effort.