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Re: about bug #608822


On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 4:56 PM, Lisa Vitolo <syn.shainer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was looking around in the code for this bug. According to the
> description: "The Go menu is exemplary: when the page displayed has no
> children, "Child" is not sensitive". I have the 0.50 version of zim
> and the last release from bzr, but can't seem to reproduce this part
> of the bug anywhere: the "Go to child" menu voice is deactived when
> the current page has no children, and actived otherwise. Is there
> already a solution for this problem, or does it turn up just in some
> situations?

I think the report mentions the "Go Child" as an example where behavior is OK.

To my mind only remaining item in the report are items in the Edit
menu that need to switch sensitivity.

> And for the "Edit/remove link" voice which is always activated, it
> should be deactived when the current page has no links, or just when
> selecting some text which doesn't contain any link? I personally would
> go for the second.

These options work on a link under the cursor, so they need to become
sensitive only when the cursor is at a link. This requires the
pageview to send a signal when the cursor enters / leaves a link. This
signal can then be used to toggle sensitivity of these actions.

Btw. this discussion should probably go in the bug tracker comments,
not to the whole mailing list.