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Main branch rename


Hi Jaap,

I see you have re-located your (main) branch. It was kind of weird to
have CPAN in an URL for a Python project ;)

But: That unfortunately broke my branch (and probably all other branches
too). When I try a

  bzr branch lp:~fmos/zim/features

all I get is

  bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~pardus-

I did a

  wget http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fmos/zim/features/.bzr/branch

and as expected, that file looks like this:

  stacked_on_location = /~pardus-cpan/zim/pyzim
  parent_location = ../../../~pardus-cpan/zim/pyzim/

So I think once I could change that file (HTTP upload? how?), I could
fix/update the path manually.

Do you have an idea how to do that? Tried wput, but it doesn't seem to
be obvious. Anything else?


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