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Zim PPA for development snapshots


Dear all,

I setup a second PPA for zim which will contain development snapshots. If
you want to try out the latest updates and bug fixes you can subscribe to
this PPAl: https://launchpad.net/~jaap.karssenberg/+archive/zim-snapshots

Normal releases will not appear in this PPA, so you should subscribe to the
default PPA as well

Updates available since 0.50:
* Fixed critical bug with resizing images - Stefan Muthers
* Fixed bug preventing resizing of text entries in dialogs
* Fix so cancelling the preferences dialog will also reset plugins - Lisa
* Added plugin to sort selected lines - NorfCran
* Fix to switch sensitivity of items in the Edit menu on cursor position -
  Konstantin Baierer
* Added feature to zoom font size of the page view on <Ctrl>+ / <Ctrl>- -
  Konstantin Baierer