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JSON file going wrong - help


My bookmark file got corrupted. I could export them into a readable
format using a FF json reader add-on. I ended up with ~3000 bookmarks
in a text file garbled with text.

[sample] PME - Cadre et plan 
comptable :914, :906, 1261790738107521, 1281079170173945,
"placesInternal/GUID", , 4,  3, :"g3ssff3h-79" ,
"http://www.kmu.admin.ch/themen/00970/00999/index.html?lang=fr";  8,
"Small and medium enterprises - Wikipedia, the free 

I have imported the page in Zim to show the URL vs. simple text, and
removed as much as I could using the Replace function. Unfortunately, I
don't know about RegEx. With a single string I could probably preserve
the URLs part, remove the text, and save myself the trouble to clean
each line manually :$ Thank.
nomnex <nomnex@xxxxxxxxx>

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