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Re: couple questions


On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 01:32:00 -0000
Tyler D <justokre@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> 1. I'd like to link a page to a subpage of an entirely different page.
> Let's say I'm talking about how Ceasar killed Vercingetorix. I have
> one page called Deaths, which has the info of that particularly
> killing. I'd like to have a page for "Romans", and "Caesar" as a
> subpage for "Romans, and "Vercingetorix" as a subpage for "Gauls".
> Did I make that clear? Is this possible?

Tags could be a better option. About the link (from the help): Relative

All links to other pages are relative to the current page unless they
start with an ":" character. Zim first looks in the same namespace as
the current page and if the name is not found searches all parent
namespaces for a like named page.

For example you have a page "Zim:Examples:Linking:Relative" now you
just use "Absolute" to link to "Zim:Examples:Linking:Absolute", but you
also use "Examples:Calendar" to link to "Zim:Examples:Calendar". This
link works because the first part of the link ("Examples") is resolved
relatively in the tree above the current page.

To create relative links to sub-page of the current page start the link
with an "+".

> 2. The second one is just a feature I wasn't sure existed and I'd like
> to ask and request.
> On many online forums there is a feature called a "spoiler". It's
> like a button you click that will display more text in a little box,
> then you can reclick it to hide the text (or image) again. I'd really
> like that.

It's a mailing list, it is not a forum?

nomnex <nomnex@xxxxxxxxx>