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Zim release planning


Dear all,

After some time of silence from my side I think I should update on the
release plan for zim.

I want to make a new release (0.53) as soon as possible to get out all the
pending bug fixes. This means I will add some more fixes over the weekend
and then upload the translations etc. With testing and translating I expect
this release to be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully we can also have an
updated windows installer based on that release.

After that release I'll have a look at refactoring the wiki parsing - most
likely using the pyparsing library. This will have two goals: first is to
start supporting inline objects (improving support for images, formulas etc.
as well as opening the way for new plugins like an embedded sourceview),
second goal will be to make it easier to add other wiki dialects (although I
will not make those extensions myself immediately). This should result in a
0.54 version.

I still have a number of other contributed patches, prototypes etc. lying on
the shelf. Afraid I do not have the time at this moment to finish and
integrate them right now. If you contributed some functionality that has not
yet been integrated, please be patient. To speed up merging patches please
provide test cases and documentation so features can be integrated without
much work from my side.



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