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Re: Zim release planning



This sounds like great news. Could you give me some precisions?
> After that release I'll have a look at refactoring the wiki parsing -
> most likely using the pyparsing library. This will have two goals:
> first is to start supporting inline objects (improving support for
> images, formulas etc. as well as opening the way for new plugins like
> an embedded sourceview), 
So, does it mean we can expect to write equations like $x=y$ directly?

> second goal will be to make it easier to add other wiki dialects
> (although I will not make those extensions myself immediately).
And this, that we will have the choice of the markup language?

If i'm wrong, could you explain me the improvements for the end user?


François Boulogne.

Membre de l'April - Promouvoir et défendre le logiciel libre

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