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ZIm and handling of PLAIN TEXT FILES


I have looked at a lot of different 'text note browsers'.

That is a way of storing simple notes that can be brought up on screen
for making notes, cuting an pasting templates (code and so on), and
storing those notes where I want them.

Zim does all these things and I am quite happy with it -- mostly.
It certainly beats a lot of other 'note browsers' I have looked at,
including gnote and the newer 'postitnote' programs I checked out.

The main failing with the others have been there heavy handed behaviour
in text formatting or where or how the files are saved.

I like and prefer to use PLAIN TEXT whenever posible.

WHY? because it is future and application proof. I don't get locked in,
and a plain text editor can also be used when I don't have access to a
GUI (remote login).

Note I don't mind having the ability to set up wiki like links in the
files, but really -- I don't need it.

This brings me to what I consider Zim's major fault.

If a file is marked as being PLAIN TEXT (complete with a ".txt" suffix)
Zim does not treat it as plain text!

That is I still require to wrapper the text contained within the file
with a ''' at the start of the file to make everything in the file
(beyond the header) plain text.

In fact it was this simple handling for plain text that made me pick ZIM
in the first place.

But even then Zim still munges the text stored in the file occasionally
with other unwanted wiki formating.   Such as linkes or extra quotes
such as  ''....''

So I ask...
Can you please treat plain text files (.txt) as just that!

So not add formatting, headers, or other unwanted garbage when the file
format is ".txt".   If I want wiki formatting the file will have some
other suffix, like ".zim"

@ Comp-WordDocument

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