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Re: ZIm and handling of PLAIN TEXT FILES


On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 1:01 AM, Anthony Thyssen

> I have looked at a lot of different 'text note browsers'.
> That is a way of storing simple notes that can be brought up on screen
> for making notes, cuting an pasting templates (code and so on), and
> storing those notes where I want them.
> Zim does all these things and I am quite happy with it -- mostly.
> It certainly beats a lot of other 'note browsers' I have looked at,
> including gnote and the newer 'postitnote' programs I checked out.
> The main failing with the others have been there heavy handed behaviour
> in text formatting or where or how the files are saved.
> I like and prefer to use PLAIN TEXT whenever posible.

It sounds like you might be better served by an "Orthodox File Managers".

You want something with hierarchical directory browser and quick view/edit
function for text files -- preferably integrated into the main application
as a panel that doesn't go away.

It's a bit of a long shot, but you -- I assume you're using a Unix -- might
want to try out ZTreeWin under WINE if you can run WINE. I can't find a
relevant screenshot at this time, but I know it has a mode where after you
choose a working directory, you can have a file list panel on the left and a
contents viewer on the right, and 'E' transitions to an editor window, or
something like that. (Incidentally I'm not sure I'd call ZTreeWin an OFM,
but it's in a related genre.)

That having been said, I've had good luck pasting text from any source into
Zim and having it come out mostly unchanged. As the manual says, Zim
currently uses markup that requires at least two repeated characters to open
and close markup tags. If what I'm pasting is not semantically or visually
marked up to begin with, I'm usually fine.


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