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Zim version 0.53 released


Dear all,

Just uploaded the package for zim release 0.53 to the website. Many thanks
to everybody who contributed patches, translations, bug reports, and
improvement suggestions. As you can see from the change log below this has
become a release with a lot of fixes and new features.

This release adds several new features: support for using images as links, a
print button in the tasklist dialog, the option for the calendar to have a
page per week, month, or year instead of per day, implicit deadline for
tasks defined in calendar pages, a new plugin for evaluating inline
arithmetic expressions, and a template function for page indexes.
It also contains a large number of bug fixes, most notable are restoring the
use of relative paths on copy-paste and fixes for various exceptions when
moving pages.



=== 0.53 - Mon 19 Sep 2011 ===
* Cosmetic updates to entry widgets, the page index, the insert date dialog,
  and the tasklist dialog
* Updated the find function to properly switch focus and highlight current
  match even when text does not have focus - Oliver Joos
* Added function to remember the position of the main window across sessions
  and the position of dialog within a session - Oliver Joos
* Added "interwiki keyword" to give shorthand for linking notebooks - Jiří
* Added template function to create a page index - Jiří Janoušek
* Added support to include additional files with a template - Jiří Janoušek
* Added preference for always setting the cursor position based on history
  or not
* Added feature so images now can have a link target as well - Jiří Janoušek
* Refactored index to do much less database commit actions, resulting in
  performance gain on slow storage media
* Added "print to browser" button in the tasklist dialog
* Added "--search" commandline option
* Added feature for calendar plugin to use one page per week, month, or year
  instead of one page per day - Jose Orlando Pereira
* Added feature to have implicit deadline for tasks defined on a calendar
  page - Jose Orlando Pereira
* Added new plugin for evaluating inline arithmetic expressions - Patricio
* Added support for plugins to have optional dependencies - John Drinkwater
* Added hook so plugins can register handlers for specific URL schemes
* Upgraded test suite to unittest support shipped with python 2.7
* Increased test coverage for main window, dialogs, and image generator
* Many small typo fixes and code cleanup - Oliver Joos
* Extensive updates for the developer API documentation - now using epydoc
* Made file paths in config file relative to home dir where possible in
  to facilitate portable version (e.g. home dir mapped to USB drive)
* Build code updated to build new windows installer and support for portable
  install - Brendan Kidwell
* Fixed build process to hardcode platform on build time (maemo version)
* Fixed bug in notebook list, causing compiled version to be unable to set
  a default notebook (windows version)
* Fixed bug with copy-pasting and drag-n-drop using relative paths
* Fixed bug allowing to click checkboxes in read-only mode
* Fixed several possible exceptions when moving pages
* Fixed execution of python scripts on windows - Chris Liechti
* Fix to preserve file attributes (like mtime) when copying attachments
  - Oliver Joos
* Fixed path of checkbox images in html export - Jiří Janoušek
* Fix for indexing error in scenario with external syncing (e.g. dropbox)
* Fix for latex output to use "\textless{}" and "\textgreater{}"
* Fixed Maemo window class, and python 2.5 compatibility - Miguel Angel
* Fixed unicode usage in template module - Jiří Janoušek
* Fixed error handling for errors from bzr in versioncontrol plugin
* Fixed error handling for errors due to non-utf-8 encoded text in pages

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