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Re: How does zim react to files being changed behind its back?


On 17 November 2011 14:30, Colin Henderson <colinr.henderson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Svenn ...  If I understand the question, let me describe my scenario.  I use
> droptext, an iphone app, to edit my zim *.txt files.  When I return to my
> laptop and launch Zim I see those changes in the files.  My changes are text
> changes only.

Well, if you start zim _after_ you have posted your changes from the
app, then I understand that the text is updated. My issue is more
posting new text _while_ zim is still running. I have found so far
that ctrl-r will re-read a page from its file system location. I am
now concerned about adding new sub-pages.

>From SparkleShare repository git logs, I see that there is quite a bit
of traffic between the client and the repository during edit of a
file. This is probably the autosave feature of zim. The SparkleShare
local copy is just a git clone of the central repository and all the
typical git caveats for zim applies. Since SparkleShare is git, it is
easy to roll back in case of accidental deletes of pages.


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