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Re: mime type of zim notes


Hi Michael,

thanks for the confirmation. I looked a bit more into the subject and
found the reason for the observed behaviour -- in fact, a quite simple
reason: For determining the file type, it is recommended (and
implemented by xdg-open etc.) to first look at the glob pattern (i.e.
normally the file extension) and only then to look at the file
content. And as zim notes have the extension .txt, they are recognized
as text/plain which registers this extension.

I think there are two solutions to this problem:
* Register the .txt extension for the text/x-zim-wiki mime type --
this has the small disadvantage that for all .txt files, a time-costly
(relatively speaking) content lookup has to be performed
* Use a different extension for zim notes (e.g. Tomboy uses .note)

Any thoughts on this?


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