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Re: mime type of zim notes


On 4 December 2011 22:49, Marcel Stimberg
<stimberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> I think there are two solutions to this problem:
> * Register the .txt extension for the text/x-zim-wiki mime type --
> this has the small disadvantage that for all .txt files, a time-costly
> (relatively speaking) content lookup has to be performed
> * Use a different extension for zim notes (e.g. Tomboy uses .note)
> Any thoughts on this?

I really would like to see zim accept that .txt files are pure text
files and not supposed to be interpreted. Maybe making the extension
configurable in the notebook.zim file? Using 'find' or 'locate' in
unix looking for files with ending .txt seldom show me only my zim
notebook pages.


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