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Zim 0.54 released!


Dear all,

Just put a new release on the website - will probably be available in
PPA in a few hours.

Release notes:
Bug fix release with a minor feature enhancement: tasklist now
supports nested tasks, and automount plugin was added, and new mono
icons for the Ubuntu Unity panel. Fixed bugs with links in read-only
mode, and with with drag and drop of links. Also fixed a bug that made
the index jump with every click.



Full changelog:

=== 0.54 - Thu 22 Dec 2011 ===
Bug fix release with minor feature enhancements
* Added mono icons for the Ubuntu Unity panel
* Tasklist plugin now supports hierarchic nested tasks
* Added "automount" plugin to automatically mount notebook folders
* Interwiki lookup now goes over all urls.list files in the path
* Fixed bug that prevented clicking links in read-only mode
* Fixed bug for parsing relative paths to parent pages e.g. in drag and drop
* Fixed bug causing the index to jump with every page selection
* Fixed bug causing the icon for custom tools to be missing in the toolbar
* Fixed bug for drag and drop of files on windows
* Fixed bug causing task list to reset when page is saved
* Fixed autocomplete for page entry in quicknote
* Fixed error in "you found a bug" error dialogs :S
* Fixed issue in test suite for loading pixbufs
* Added translation for Galician

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