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Re: Evernote/Footnote-like UI change?


On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 6:35 AM, Adam Porter <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>  If
> I put all the quotes on one page, then searching for a tag and clicking a
> result would show the entire page of quotes instead of just the ones the tag
> applied to.

> Another use case is a daily log with tags for relevant contexts or topics.
>  e.g. I could apply tags like, "thesis, school, funny, family, car,
> computer," etc, and later look up all log entries that mention my car or my
> family or are funny.  Zim handles this fairly well now, but it could still
> be better, because loading a tag-search result won't zero in on the part of
> the note the tag applies to.

How about extending the search view to show the paragraph where the
match was found ? Kind of like how Google shows a snippet for each
result ?

> An alternative way of organizing the same log would be to store individual
> paragraphs separately, with their own tags, in a "logbook" tree.  Then to
> see all the entries for a day, Zim would display all entries from that tree
> which were created or modified on a particular day.  The quicknote dialog
> could be used to add a new log entry, with tags, automatically using the
> right date (which could also be adjusted manually).  Then, if I wanted to
> search through my logbook for entries that mention computer issues, I could
> search for the "computer" tag in my logbook and see a list of only
> computer-related entries--rather than an entire day's content,
> computer-related or not, for each day in which something computer-related
> was written about.
> A UI like Evernote's or the app I linked earlier would make this possible.
>  Basically, here's how I envision it: the right-pane could display either a
> single page, as it does now, or it could display all the subpages in a tree
> (or a search result), one after the other, like Evernote or the app I linked
> does.  Perhaps the multi-page display could be the default when clicking on
> a tree entry that has children, and each page could have a button to click
> which would, in effect, maximize that note in the right pane; it'd also be
> handy to be able to open notes in separate windows (which Zim can do now,
> but as read-only notes).  If a tree entry without children was clicked, that
> page could be displayed in the full-pane view.

I think I could make such a view AND keep it scalable if we can
display each page on the same size. (That way you can size the widget
properly without actually loading the content.)  I'm triggered by the
statement "and each page could have a button to click which would, in
effect, maximize that note in the right pane". Now I'm thinking about
an listing where you see ~ 1 paragraph per page and than on the bottom
there is the "read more" or "extend" item. Or just an inline scrollbar
- although that might look ugly.

This would make it easier to mix short and long notes. Short notes
would display entirely in this view. Long notes would not break the
flow (think about scrolling 5 short notes, and then scrolling through
one long note that takes the same space as the 5 short notes - woudl
reduce the usefulness of the view). Still you would see the head of
the long note and have an option to "dive in".

Would this make sense ?



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