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tip: Zim to capture command line output


Sharing this, maybe useful for others:

I'm doing a lot of work from the command line in Linux, and often want
to capture the output of a command and be able to at it look at it later
(eg. to compare with earlier results, or to process line by line).

It struck me that Zim could help me avoid "select-copy-paste" cycles,
and just capture things in a note. I eventually crafted an alias that:

- captures stdout but also still displays it (allows further processing)
- adds a timestamp before the output sent to Zim
- adds ''' before and after the output, to format it as "verbatim"
- appends it to the note "stdout" in the default Notebook

alias z="tee >( cat <(date) <(echo \'\'\') - <(echo \'\'\') | zim
--plugin quicknote input=stdin namespace=stdout )"

It's easy to capture anything by just adding "| z" at the end:

	ls -la | z

You'll still need to click ok "accept" the note, but it's easier than
scrolling back and forth to select the output.

You could even use it to capture intermediate results when piping
through several commands:

	ls -la | z | grep 2012 | z | wc


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