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Zim 0.54 packages for Windows released


Download Desktop or Portable installer from
http://www.glump.net/software/zim .

I am still in the process of getting the project listed in the
PortableApps.com catalog. The current portable build IS production-ready
and available at the above URL.

Pursuant to this thread http://portableapps.com/node/29350 I've made a
bunch of minor changes to the "./windows" folder of the Zim source, and
those changes are available at lp:~bkidwell/zim/pyzim-win-installer .
(Merge request already sent to Jaap.)

Brendan Kidwell

P.S. I had a look at the problem of including gtkspell in the Zim for
Windows packages. It doesn't look good right now. The only publicly
available Windows build of PyGTKSpell that I could find was on a wiki in
the GRAMPS project < http://gramps-project.org/ >, and it was for Python
2.6, not 2.7 which I'm using. Did anyone have any luck tracking down and/or
compiling all the prerequisites to get the Zim spelling plugin working in

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