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Re: Evernote/Footnote-like UI change?


On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 6:12 PM, Brendan Kidwell <snarf@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes. Let's define a Topic to be one meeting, event, project module or
> some kind of entity that can possibly be described to your manager as
> the answer to "what did you do this afternoon?" Consider these minor
> tasks that happen all the time with some users like myself:
> - Navigate to the top of a Topic, where the introduction is found.
> - Navigate to the bottom of a Topic and add text.
> - Select all of a Topic and copy or delete.
> - Find a string within a Topic.
> Of course you can see I'm describing things you'd do to a Page object.
> While I find Dave Winer's and Evernote's outliner structure without
> Page boundaries interesting, I feel that I need Pages. I want the
> primary navigation widget in my UI to NOT have headings like
> 'example', 'my reply to the requester', or 'possible fix'; they should
> be headings on a page.
> We could certainly do some interesting things in the back end to
> support the display of subpages based upon query parameters or UI
> defaults, but please keep the Page boundaries. In the back end we
> could remove Pages and imlement Nodes like this:

I hear you. We definitely keep support for pages as they are now. What
I'm thinking about is how to flow sub-pages in the view. Probably
you'll want to control the view per namespace.

For example a project description is clearly a page, sub-pages could
contain additional reference material, that you explicitly don't want
in the main page in order to keep the main page organized.

On the other hand you may have a namespace with minutes of meetings,
where each date has it's own sub-page (like the calendar). Here it can
make sense to show a flow of all minutes in a certain period as it was
one page.

Another example is when you use a notebook for creative writing, you
may build a story from several scenes. And you want to toggle between
a view showing all e.g. a whole chapter, and a view that shows just a
single scene. Basically zoom in and out of parts of the story.

Bottom line is:
1/ we keep supporting the current interface
2/ we may add a feature to show sub-pages in the same view
3/ the user decides how to split up pages and what view to use

Regards and thanks for your input,