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Re: Evernote/Footnote-like UI change?



Related to this discussion I have a question to get some feedback on
how people use their notebook.

Reason is that with this kind of interface the difference between
sub-pages and sub-headings starts to blur. Maybe this is a good thing
and we should avoid headings anyway - just make everything a page and
show them inline as sub-sections. But maybe there is a good reason to
keep some distinction for various use cases. Point being is that both
sub-headings and sub-pages are part of the same hierarchy, and the
difference now is based on what you can see in a single screen. But if
we show sub-pages in the same screen, that starts to be much less of a

In addition when I think about HTML export, now the sub-page division
determines what HTML pages you get. There is a request to allow
exporting the whole notebook to a single HTML file. But maybe a more
sophisticated way to handle this is to say that you want to export a
whole notebook and create an single HTML page for each toplevel page
that includes all sub pages, or for each level 2 page (so make the
cut-off depth an user input).

So my questions are:
* How many levels of sub-headings do you typically use ?
* How many levels of sub-pages do you typically use ?
* On what level would you want to split it up for export ?
* Do you have a strong use-case for having both sub-pages and headings ?



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