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Search: OK and NOK checkboxes


I've started playing with checkboxes and the Tasklist plugin - very cool
stuff, allows for perfectly simple yet flexible implementation for GTD.

I notice that Tasklist only displays open [ ] checkboxes, which is
understandable. However, I'd like to at least be able to search for ticked
[*] and crossed-out [x] checkboxes as well.

I don't know if these are the only graphically rendered characters in Zim,
but it doesn't seem possible to copy and paste these characters into the
search box, and searching for the plaintext markup for these symbols
doesn't work either. I would have expected the Search functionality to do
the search on the underlying plain-text markup?

If this issue isn't easily fixed the way things stand, (or possibly if it
is is) would it be feasible to request a wishlist option for Zim to use unicode
checkbox characters <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkbox#Unicode>?  I'm
just talking about changing the plaintext representation to these
characters rather than using these bracketed character sequences.

Since all modern OSs and most applications support unicode, such text files
would be much easier to import/export/convert as well, as it would be easy
to script replacing such unique characters with whatever is appropriate for
the target output (pandoc, latex etc).

Internally Zim could of course continue to use the existing graphic