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Zim release 0.55: call for translators and testers


Dear all,

I checked in last new features for zim release 0.55. My plan is to take a
week for testing and testing and then release on Tuesday Feb 28th.

There are about 17 new messages for translation, so I would like to ask
translators to have a look at translations for their language in the next
week (deadline is Monday 27th).

Also I would like to ask early adopters to checkout the latest build and
give it a try. There is plenty new feature to play with:

* The page index now has "natural" sorting, so "9" goes before "10" and
"ångström" goes in between "A" and "B"
* There is a new plugin to show a Table Of Contents per page
* Numbered lists are now supported - try typing "1." as a bullet.
Especially renumbering when new items are inserted / old items are deleted
was tricky to get right - may be some bugs remaining for edge cases
* There is a context menu item "move text" that allows you to select a
piece of text and move it to a new page at once - intended for refactoring
* Markdown (with pandoc extensions) was added as an export format (and
added to the "copy as" context menu)
* Recent pages as shown in the pathbar is now decoupled from the history -
should have more predictable behavior
* The find now gives results in real time (not blocking the dialog anymore)
and allows you to cancel
* Tasklist now supports a "next:" keyword, this will flag a task depends on
the previous task and allows you to hide a task untill the previous step is



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