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Re: Call for user cases ?


On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 22:20, Marco Cevoli <marco.cevoli@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Most of the bugs you submitted are related to the way Zim visualizes
> content and to the fact that you stores code into it. I don't see that
> any of these bugs is so severe to limit the diffusion of Zim Wiki. In
> fact, they don't even see bugs as far as I'm concerned.

I should probably break the bugs down into two types: the type that
makes Zim unsuitable for use, and the type that makes Zim appear as
underdeveloped software. The dataloss and the fact that Zim cannot
handle arbitrary
text for input are the reasons why Zim is unsuitable for use. The
mislabel icon and reappearing links are reasons why Zim seems only

These comments should not be misconstrued as being my general opinion
of Zim! Quite the contrary I love Zim and I appreciate all the work
that Jaap has put into it. When the time comes for testimony you will
find few with as many words of praise for Zim as I will have. However,
as someone with an interest in seeing Zim actually achieve wide
acceptance I have no problem being the one to point out that the
emperor is missing a few garments.

> The idea behind collecting use cases is to better understand what
> people are using Zim for. Once we have collected a significative
> sample, we might even summarise the most common use cases in a survey
> and ask everybody to submit a vote. That way the devs will better
> understand which are the needs and where they should head.

One of my many use cases is storing code samples. If this is
considered a valid use case then the two primary issues that I mention
must be addressed.

I hope to take a look at the code myself some time, though I know no
Python, however I really don't know when that time will manifest. Zim
is open source, and I do recognise that Jaap has provided us with the
means to scratch our own itch if need be. So I do blame myself for
that particular Zim shortcoming.

Dotan Cohen


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