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Re: Call for user cases ?


On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 4:49 PM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The dataloss and the fact that Zim cannot handle arbitrary text for input
> are the reasons why Zim is unsuitable for use. The mislabel icon and
> reappearing links are reasons why Zim seems only half-baked.

One of my many use cases is storing code samples. If this is considered a
> valid use case then the two primary issues that I mention must be addressed.

It is possible that your IMO overly forceful style of expressing your ideas
will work against your goals.

> cannot handle arbitrary text

While I'm not storing "code" in the normal sense at this point, many of my
source file trees **are** marked up with other syntaxes, so in those cases
I'd prefer to be able to turn off Zim's rendering. However I haven't yet
come across any arbitrary **changes** to my data or actual data loss - so
far they're just issues visual appearance - could you be more specific
about any issues where Zim actually changes your data against your wishes
(other than the headers of course)?

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