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Re: Table of contents and view completed tasks


On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 9:34 AM,  <hansbkk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> In the latest version we differentiate between "open" and "actionable"
>> and there is a checkbox in the dialog to toggle between the two.
> I don't understand the distinction in meaning, nor do I see how to indicate
> it in Zim - docs need updating? When I use that toggle in the Task List,
> nothing changes for me.
> To me a "task" is already by definition "actionable", otherwise it's not a
> "task". I indicate all my tasks with a checkbox, which can be in one of
> three states. Some are assigned keywords to group them, for me usually
> role/goal/project.

The distinction between actionable and non-actionable is that
actionable tasks are tasks that you can execute right now, while
non-actionable tasks maybe open, but have a pre-condition before they
can be acted upon.

Currently you only get to see this difference when you use the "next"
keyword. (And yes, it looks like I forgot to document that feature ...
my bad.)  Thus you can make a series of tasks where only the first is
actionable and the next one only becomes actionable when the first one
is finished. I use this myself to breakdown complex tasks into line
items without showing all at the same time in the dialog.

Two other open feature requests are to 1/ have arbitrary dependencies
between tasks (complex use case) and 2/ have a "start date" for tasks.
The 2nd one may be a quite common case, say you have a tasks that
needs to be done next week, but it doesn't make sense starting on it
today, by setting a start day it becomes non-actionable and is hidden
until next week.

Yet another use I was just thinking about yesterday is to have a tag
like "@waiting" or "@onhold" and have tasks with those tags flagged

-- Jaap