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Note-to-note linking: why I'm using Zim



I have been searching high and low for a notetaking tool that suits my
needs, and with Zim I'm nearly there. So thanks v much!

I have two main criteria for a notetaking application:

   - elimination of tags as a separate class of object to notes
   - hierarchical tagging

What I mean by that? I want every note to be able to act like a tag for
other notes, and that when a note tagged it becomes a daughter of the tag
note. Why do I want that? Perhaps a better question is "Why should tags be
a separate class of object?".

Say I had a collection of notes about companies, and I wanted to tag them
as to what sector they are in, and whether they are a for-profit or
not-for-profit. I want to write a description of the sector tags I'm
creating - what better way to do that than use the note structure. And then
I decide to add products to my note collection. I want to tag the products
by sector (that's great, I already have those notetags set up) and I want
to tag the products by the company they relate to (oh great, I can do that
too, as those notetags are set up too).

What I'm talking about in terms of Zim: in each note in Zim I can put links
to other notes, effectively tagging that note with the other note. I can
then use the backlinks function to see what notes are "tagged" the other

(What Zim still needs in order to be perfect regarding the criteria above:

   - Prompting - as you begin to type a link (which is what I'm using as
   tags) a dropdown appears with matching notes. And for that dropdown to work
   with just the daughterest daughter e.g. you being to type apple and the
   following show up :Food:Fruit:Apple and :Companies:Apple
   - More advanced back-link based filtering - only show those note that
   backlink (i.e. are tagged) xxx AND yyy AND NOT zzz.)

>From my moderate research into the subject, Zim is the closest tool to
doing what I want to do - so thanks again.


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