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Bounty for folding


Hi all,

For a while now I've been using zim and I am very happy with it. It does
most of what I need without getting in the way. I like the "lean and
mean" character of it. Especially the fact that I can edit files
remotely through SSH. So thanks for creating it!

However there is one thing I am sorely missing and that's folding. I use
zim to create lots (!) of notes, for example when brainstorming for a
new document. Right now I scroll through a page quite a lot and that
gets tedious. I'd really like to see the addition of a plugin that would
enable folding for lists and headings (both would be very welcome). And
I imagine other people could use such a thing too.

So, I'd like to sponsor the development of a plugin that would provide
folding to zim and its users. Normally I would try to do it myself (I am
a reasonably proficient programmer), but I really couldn't even begin to
think where I'd get the time, as my business claims almost all of it and
my wife would appreciate it if I had some time left for us.

I see on the website that this community has a bounty-system. So, if
Jaap allows it I would like to offer a bounty of €200 for someone that
adds folding of headings (based on type?) and lists (based on
indentation?) to zim and make its available to the rest of the community.



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